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Well well; Good morning everyone. Live from ‘Le Bed’. Am writing this article since sleep is late for its rendez-vous today. Well, Ish Sookun posted on his blog some hours ago about a link to an online game themed with a political message from a specific party running up for the 2014 General Elections in Mauritius. Yes, you heard it right, An Online Game.

As it can be noticed since the very start of the rise in political events and scoops this year – alliances, parliament on holidays and all – Mauritius has seen a rise in the use of Social Media, the Internet and Tech 2.0 as never before. Web TVs with live broadcast and professional video-edits is The tool of the moment with Radio Stations having their own Web TVs; a semi-private-tv-station culture using Youtube mainly as platform to stream, spread and share their media, the dive in Online Radio for a Newspaper Group, the extensive use of the Facebook platform, and now the newcomer to the list;  That Online Game.

It has not gone unnoticed that the political party in focus, has and is using all the means available to them in terms of 2.0. Whether true or not, they are believed to be behind the mass-acquisition of domain-names similar to the Government of Mauritius’  new domain name ( ) and their redirection to politically-themed videos on Youtube, created for the current election campaigns. So, adding a game to their list was quite a move in itself.

The Game

The link itself follows the same WhoIs pattern as the mass-bought-domain-names; Private-registration and registed at WildWestDomains. The project seems to be from 2-3 weeks as the domain was registered on the 8th of November 2014 – though it may have been developed earlier and posted after development.-

The gameplay is gives you a list of districts to choose from after an intro page having a popular music-track; the current buzz track – as background. After choosing same, a list of ‘scandals’ is published and the game begins where you are in control of a little character who fires tomatoes at political members of the opposite party. Firing at the former and hitting them, plays a sound clip of their famous sayings in the politcal arena. The gameplay itself is quite simple, even though programming it, will require a good chunk of code and some hit-target-area algorithm.

As it was an online game and that Flash Game development for online embedding is no longer a trend/standard, I decided to dive into it and see how it was developed – I also had some online game development plans -. The Page itself did not reveal anything interesting as such, and Googling some specific terms from the page’s sources resolved to general answers.. until.. I tried some more specific terms ( 😛 ); construct to exported games as part of their error messages and Bingo!

First three results of Googling the terms

First three results of Googling the terms

The terms brought me to Scirra; a drag-and-drop no-programming games development platform. 😀 The game was developed using same.


Seeing no embedded code or iframe to the game in the page’s source, I was convinced it was Javascriptly (lol) generated, and I was right. An external Javascript page ( c2runtime.js ) had the internals of the games in it and also revealed the name of the platform. (I wgetted the whole set of files to play around btw 😛 )

Internals of the game

Internals of the game

The filenames of the sound tracks got me laughing lol! Quite compact piece a code that need cleaning, reformatting and reindenting, but can be read and understood.

As final word, I will say that the use of such technologies by anyone, proved that Mauritius has the knowhow to do lots of stuffs in that field. But, as the previous weeks proved it, the lack of willingness to set things right in the right way ( :/ ) somehow halts that development and maturation. Hoping to see brighter future from that angle soon, God Help Us All.

Well that’s all for tonite folks. Wanted to share my findings while waiting for my friend Sleep to be here. She’s finally here. So, Good Nite peeps 🙂 Hope to see views tomorrow morning (or rather, today 😛 ).

Another post will follow, about using that platform for Game Development 🙂 and maybe a little explanation of the c2runtime.js file.


No political pun intended. I have no political colour, and this can be verified. 🙂

I am in no way advertising for neither the political party nor the game.

Till then,


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