Turkey – Sunday 25 October 2015 – 03:59 EET.. Almost everybody’s sleeping.. 04:00.. Something happens.. mobile phones, pc, smartwatch don’t show 04:00.. but 03:00.. it’s Winter time! And then.. the whole population wakes up.. and ask to each other.. “Saat kaç?!” What time is it? In fact, the government decided that due to elections on November 1st, the time change will be delayed by 15 days, i.e postponed for November 8. So, is the time on the mobile phones and PCs, the true Turkish time (according to the government’s decision) or the Eastern Europe Time? And then the confusion started..

I got the update too.. from mobile phone to smartwatch and pc.. time have changed.. and in fact I was not aware of the decision and also misread a WhatsApp message regarding same. And I followed that time until Monday 26.. whereby I got 1 hour late in class! [Fact is, around 1 hour before the class, I read an article on the BBC’s website [1], about the confusion in Turkey about the time. I was puzzled, but when I cross-checked with the LED Clock in the Hostel’s canteen, I was in sync with the time there. So, I thought, we are all on the same page.. But 8 mins after I entered class.. the teacher stopped for a little break..]..

Well.. What could have been done in that situation?

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