So, we are again at the New Year, and that’s the pain for sysadmins of messaging services or any other telecommunication systems. And that’s because of the servers’ or networks’ saturation due to the huge traffic from their users, trying to send New Year wishes messages to their friends and relatives. Usually such issues happen with mobile phone networks, GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G etc, but for the second consecutive year, the online services too are suffering from those bottle necks. The most complained service this year or last year for some, is WhatsApp. At first, I got messages from friends in Mauritius asking about the issue, but it was working fine for me. Some even thought the service was blocked by the government. Mine was working fine (In Turkey), and posted about the WhatsApp issue on my Facebook page [1], and then noticed that it’s not in Mauritius only. Then, as time went, I started to experience issues here too, and it’s obvious, the New Year is 2 hours before Turkey’s , and it also confirms the fact that the issue was due to high traffic. News websites were also reporting about same [2]. But its good to note that the official Twitter Account @wa_status where WhatsApp post system updates, had no indication at all about that downtime, but their in-app system status page displayed a “server experiencing a problem” message.

To check about the worldwide extent of the problem, I collected testimonials from friends around the world and confirmed once more my hypothesis (Sorry for that term, I had an Stats exam this morning 😛 )

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Turkey – Sunday 25 October 2015 – 03:59 EET.. Almost everybody’s sleeping.. 04:00.. Something happens.. mobile phones, pc, smartwatch don’t show 04:00.. but 03:00.. it’s Winter time! And then.. the whole population wakes up.. and ask to each other.. “Saat kaç?!” What time is it? In fact, the government decided that due to elections on November 1st, the time change will be delayed by 15 days, i.e postponed for November 8. So, is the time on the mobile phones and PCs, the true Turkish time (according to the government’s decision) or the Eastern Europe Time? And then the confusion started..

I got the update too.. from mobile phone to smartwatch and pc.. time have changed.. and in fact I was not aware of the decision and also misread a WhatsApp message regarding same. And I followed that time until Monday 26.. whereby I got 1 hour late in class! [Fact is, around 1 hour before the class, I read an article on the BBC’s website [1], about the confusion in Turkey about the time. I was puzzled, but when I cross-checked with the LED Clock in the Hostel’s canteen, I was in sync with the time there. So, I thought, we are all on the same page.. But 8 mins after I entered class.. the teacher stopped for a little break..]..

Well.. What could have been done in that situation?

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For Orange Mauritius Broadband (DSL) Users only 

Several users of the Orange Broadband Internet Service reported that they cannot access Google and Youtube since the morning of Monday the 18th of February. Either a blank page was the only reply or simply a ‘Connection Timeout’ Error. Orange Mauritius, in a post on its Official Facebook Page, said that the ‘problem’ was on Google’s side and that they have opened a ticket about it; meanwhile , the company advised its users to change their DNS Server Addresses to that of Google. Here’s a ‘tiplet’ on how to proceed.

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