Most of us or rather all of us have one day or the other deleted something and regretted it afterwards. Be it an official document, an image file or a sound track. Unless you have a backup somewhere, deleting an important file can make you sleepless for several nights. Worst, if it it’s your entire hard disk; wiped clean after a format !! Pictures of the last get-together among friends, urgent scanned documents that needed to be emailed for a job application or a recipe that you saved after 2 hours of ‘googling’. So, somehow somewhere everybody needs that magical Asterix’s soup to recover these deleted files. Some years back, it was a difficult process or only security┬ápersonnels/forensics guys had the skills/resources to do it. But now, with the advent of free knowledge, open-source softwares and the boom of developers, many solutions exist for the common computer users; solutions ranging from fake ones that ask you for $100 after a long 1 hours download and 15 minutes to search the files to those free and very good softwares that can compete with the commercial ones.

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