Have you ever thought of the possibility accessing your files from anywhere without having to fear about losing your thumbdrive or any other removable data? Most of you already know about it (the possibility); but do not know how to achieve that, while others do not do it in the right way. Well, some upload it to a file sharing site and note down the link and so, when they need the file, they download it and use it. Others save it as a draft email as an attachment and again download it when they need it. Ya ! I agree, these can be done, but it is not the right way, file sharing sites have filesize, speed and download limits while mail attachments have filesize limits (~25MB/file). There exist on the Web, a service that enables you to have a ‘virtual folder’, where you can keep files and access them from everywhere, even from a smartphone. Here’s a guide about how to use these services.

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