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Since long, I was looking for some ‘real’ saver-packages provided by mobile phone providers in Mauritius. By real, I  mean those which will make you take make the best out of your mobile but at little cost (call, sms, and data). Especially today, with the advent of Internet connected services and the huuugge library of apps that require Internet connections. Recently, I had a issue whereby somebody with only some minutes of Whatsapp conversation over data connection, had Rs.30+ of mobile credit deducted. I thought to myself, is it that expensive? If yes, then this would slow-down the rise of Internet-Connected services both at developers’ side and users’-side.

Even if I often and always criticize Customer Services, note that the Customer Services responded kindly and explained to me clearly what was eating up the credit and all and did not mind to keep on replying my emails. Thanks buddy

Then, I came across an advert by Orange Mauritius whereby they are offering packages with SMS, data and unlimited Facebook and decided to write this article.

So, in this article; I will be touching the following points;

  1. Are the packages offered by Orange Mauritius ‘real’ (as mentioned above?)
  2. How to make the best out of those existing packages and save money you spend on mobile credit.

So, let’s go !

As it is no secret for anybody, we have three major Mobile Service Provider in Mauritius, namely EMTEL, Orange Mauritius and MTML. All three offer Voice, SMS and Data services. The debate over who has the best prices, services and/or coverage ( 😛 )  has always been the subject of conversations on the lips of Mauritian mobile users.

I still remember somebody having to go on the roof of his house to have network coverage to make a phone call with one particular provider who proviDED good prices but poor coverage.

But in this part, I will only talk about mobile data prices of Orange Mauritius.
[Prices are those published on the Official website of the company;  Prices are only for mobile phone usage not for tablets or Internet tethering services; Prices are only for prepaid users]

Let’s see what’s Orange Mauritius is offering with its newly-added packages.


Mobile-Data Packages – Orange Mauritius

The first thing that make users ‘jump’ is the Unlimited Facebook! (Ad Stunt of course!) Whaaat?? Unlimited Facebook?? What’s the code?? .. But as we always said keep on reading pal! . In fact, on the same webpage there are the condition regarding the unlimited Facebook;

Facebook Unlimited - Screenshot

Facebook Unlimited – Screenshot

Note the annotations I put on the screenshot..

1. Opera Mini Browser is not supported while it is used commonly for its simplicity and ease of use.

2. Photo uploads are not part of the package; lol; we are now in an age of selfies selfies and selfies. Everybody is posting selfies of himself/herself at each and every place they go without forgetting the pics of their cats, lunch, room, mess, left-overs 😛 and so-on. Maybe the reply i’ll have will be; “Dear Irshaad, that’s why we have the Mobile Data included too in the package!”  Greeaaat! 1:0 ! But what about the videos then? Do people post only pictures? Don’t they post videos too, in which category will they be?

Until I get the reply for that question, let’s end the article by my second point;
How to make the best use of these packages?

Well, how so we use our mobile phones? Calls (even though, not that much), SMS and Mobile Data. The SMS and Mobile Data is already included in the packages. An average user (a youth using all three services) will spend Rs.100 on scratch cards each week to recharge his account. Even though, he buys the Monthly package which will cost him less for the month and save on 2 of the services, the spared money will be used to again reload his account for phone calls; Well, what’s the solution?

Use one of the provided services to counter that, I mean, you already have a 1GB Mobile Data, then use either Skype or Viber to talk to your friends and Whatsapp to SMS (As 500 SMS is a small numbers for the average youth) and start saving 🙂 huh saving.. I mean using only ( 😛 ) Rs. 349.


As a final word, My Message to Orange Mauritius;

  1. Why put time-span packages? I mean some people will only like to used 250MB and 150 SMS per month; (Real-life cases) You could for example, offer all three packages but only monthly! 🙂

    ——————–EDIT – 23/06/14—————————-
    Pingback from OrangeMauritius;
    There are monthly data packages available.

    Orange Monthly Data Packages

    Orange Monthly Data Packages

    ————————EDIT ENDS HERE———————————-

  2. You’ve already bring together Mobile Data, SMS and Facebook in one package, don’t you think it’s time to add the call minutes too in-line with your dreams to near famous providers around the world. For example,Social Package with 120 Mins (even if its only on your network), 250 SMS, 250 MB Mobile Data and Facebook/Whatsapp.
    Professional Package with 300 Mins, 500 SMS, 1 GB Mobile Data etc..

Hope you will take my message into consideration;
A mobile user


Till then,

Happy Mobile Usage in Mauritius (Paradise and Connected Island :P)

IRshaad 🙂


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  • This is not an advert for the company mentioned in the article. I am in no way related to the company.
  • Orange Mauritius is the commercial brand for the mobile and internet services of Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd and Telecom Plus Ltd and is a registered trademark of its respective owners.
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  • I’m not much a mobile internet user. However, today while I had to show something I quickly called up Orange asking them about the packages. I took a weekly package. For the stuffs that I needed to do, I found the speed fair enough while I still have some data left. Oh! Besides with the weekly package, you get unlimited facebook access.

    • Good 🙂
      Yeps; you have unlimited facebook access with both the weekly and the monthly packages. However there are some restrictions as I mentioned in the article.