New Features in WhatsApp – 2.16

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WhatsApp got some new and amazing features in its latest beta release ( > 2.15.xx as at 31/03/16). Below is a little review of some of them after downloading and install a beta release (2.16).


Just saw that WhatsApp’s activated the end-to-end encryption !! That’s a really awesome news. Was not able to use it though, as my friends have not yet updated to the latest WhatsApp.

Text Formatting

The most notable feature added to those releases is the ability to send formatted text like bold, italic, and superstrike using symbols. This can be used to send fancy texts messages or write subtitled paragraphs.

To use the features;

  • Bold –> *thistextisbold* – thistextisbold
  • Italic –> _thistextisitalic_ – thistextisitalic
  • Superstrike –> ~thistextissuperstriked~
Bold, italic and striked text

Bold, italic and striked text

Attach PDF Documents

This is a feature that I have personally been dreaming about for long; that of sending files through WhatsApp. Though not all formats are accepted, only PDFs, it’s a good start. The attach menu now has a new item as Document but it seems that the Video attachment has been omitted.

Attach item menu

Attach item menu

The thing is that WhatsApp uses kind of its own document listing and there’s no browsing feature. Maybe something to consider in other releases.

Document Browser

Document Browser

Sent PDF file

Sent PDF file

Free now !!

WhatsApp got rid of the annual fee (though people reported that their account was renewed for free over and over) and no more payment menu in the Settings page which also got a facelift 🙂 .

Well that was a little tour of some of the new features and edits in the latest WhatsApp release, there are others, like direct multiple selection in the Contacts tab. If ever somebody from WhatsApp reads this document, well, some features that could be added are: multi-format document upload, chat backup that can be read on a PC or exported as CSV, delivered and read information for group messages among others and maybe GIF animations!! Everybody loves GIF!!. Thanks 🙂

Till then,

Irshaad 🙂