My Skype is soooo slooowww !!

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cute-snailHello there,
This post is a quick one and will not be so long. Since this morning, Skype has been running really really slow and on top on that, it is consuming 300+ K of RAM memory together with a HUUGGE amount of CPU !! Searching around the web got me some solutions that I hesitated to try until I finally settled for that that worked. Did you experience same and want to trouble shoot? It’s after the break;

The problem is that the latest version of Skype has a bug somewhere. The other problem is that Skype updates itself automatically and hence for sure you will be having the latest version and will suffer from that bug too.

Solution is to downgrade to an older version of Skype; I chose and now Thanks God πŸ™‚ ; everything is normal.

To get the older version, Google it and use the links to download and install. I used this linkΒ and somehow it does not make me feel quite secure; but I have to opt for it until Skype releases a patch.

Don’t worry; all your messages and contacts will not be deleted/altered/moved πŸ™‚ .

So, the steps are simple;

  1. Close Skype completely !! Right-click on the icon in the notification bar and click on Quit.
    Confirm your choice when the prompt appears.
    Closing Skype
  2. Next head to the download page;snap_1
  3. And download the file;
  4. Then run the installer.
  5. >> Click on Next Step..
  6. >>
  7. >> Click on Install Now..
  8. >> Choose your prefered language..
  9. >>Β  Eheem ehem .. Sorry MS guys.. πŸ˜›
  10. >> And wait for this to end.. it’s gonna be long.. I wrote the post in the mean time..

And There you go ; you now have downgraded your version of Skype.

One more thing; if you do not want Skype to download and install updates automatically; you can disable this feature by heading to Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> Automatic Updates >> Turn off Automatic Updates.



Hope that helps;

P.S: Skype will prompt you to update your version of Skype; I do not recommend it until Skype releases a patch.

Do not forget; Sharing is caring and Caring is L.o.v.i.n.g <3Β  – Thnx loads dr..

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Till then,

Have a nice time