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Some days ago, while browsing through backup stuffs; I came across this article. The latter being the first article I ever published on my Wetpaint page and on my HTML-Only-Blog. Was quite -or rather; really – primitive those times..

Writing this post ; I would also like to thank all those who helped me learn lots in the ICT field,
teachers, friends, colleagues, passer-by, I cannot list you all here;
but my sincerest thanks go to you 🙂
Thank You very much for sharing your knowledge and your patience. May God Bless you always !!

EDIT: This is actually not the first one; I published another one but cannot find it.

Article Title: Formatting a hard drive [Apologies for the poor language and techniques :$ ]

article begin here–

There are two ways of formatting a hard-disk. But before that, we must have a reason to format. Not just a simple malware and you format the PC. Try to find every possible way of solving the problem. Formatting is the last last last solution. Even if you have backups, formatting takes much time without mentioning the duration of the OS installation. Also before formatting, make sure there are no partitions on the drive to be formatted. For example, if D:/ is a partition of C:/, then you won’t be able to format C:/ unless you disjoint the partition.

So, first method:-

  • Enter CMD (command prompt)
  • Type format %driveletter% where %driveletter% is the reference letter of the drive (C:, D:, E:)


Second method:-

  • Boot from the OS installation CD directly and choose the option that overwrites all existing data.


Sometimes back, I was asked this question:

“I have some important files on my hard-disk. But my Pc’s crashed and formatting is its solution. But I don’t have any backups or recovery tool. What can I do?”

So, take the drive out of the cabinet and connect into another PC as an additional hard-disk. Browse the disk, collect your data on removable media and then format. Simple! Be aware that crashed OS can be repaired without formatting. Also make sure that you have all the drivers with you to reinstall else your pc won’t work properly. The drivers are most of the time found in the CD that came with your motherboard.

–article ends here


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