How to disable user account control?

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All those who found the user account control dialog box annoying, raise your hand! Well, I do, although it helps me to keep an eye on the applications that want to run with administrative privileges on my PC. For sure, you must have been looking for a way to disable it. Well, here’s a Quick Guide to disabling it.

User Account Control is that dialog box that opens when you either launch a setup file or application. It is a feature running on Microsoft Vista and those after it. It fades your screen to black and asks whether or not you allow the application to run or allow a change to occur on your computer.

User Account Control

User Account Control

For geeks and those having security on mind, this popup is important for them. But for you, the common user, that may seem to be annoying.

So to disable it,

  • Fire up Control Panel
  • Launch ‘User Accounts’
  • Click on ‘Change User Account Control Settings’
  • Then adjust the slider according to needs. The details on the right will guide you to which notifications have been disabled or not.

Remember, you must have administrative privileges to change this setting.

Well, that was my first post for the category ‘Tiplet’

Hope you enjoyed it