How to disable Skype Translator

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Skype got a new card in its playing deck since some time. It’s called Skype Translator. It, essentially, translate your conversations into another language to ease interaction. They rolled it out for select pre-registered users using the Windows 8 Operating System (I got the upgrade but did not use Windows 8) and then released it fully to all users since a week or two. Being a nice system, its been laying down silently in the sidebar on my Skype Application. At first, it was only for text conversations and can be turned off. Flicked it on for some tests and flicked it off again. But then it “became alive”! Voice conversations were being “translated” too!! Worse, it was trying to translate conversations from my mother-tongue language, Creole, to English. It turned out to be a mess, a real mess and so annoying popping on during the whole conversation!

Skype attempting to translate vocal Creole conversation to English

Skype attempting to translate vocal Creole conversation to English

And then I took the decision to get my parents to disable it on their side, [I disabled mine some days back]. Then I thought, I must not be the only one to be annoyed by this, as the feature was added during the automatic updates and enabled by default, I decided to write this post to help others who want to disable same too.

First you should know that you can turn it off from the conversation pane itself for specific users or, of course, turn it on for others. Click on the little “Globe” icon and flick the switch to the Off position.

To disable the Skype Translator completely from your side..

  1. Click on Tool and navigate to Options.
  2. Move to the Skype Translator item and uncheck the Enable Skype Translator checkbox.
  3. Click on Save.

You should be good to go then 🙂 If the change is not applied, close Skype completely (Right-click on the icon in the taskbar, and click on Quit Skype) and open it anew.


Hope that helps 🙂

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