‘Find my Phone’ feature on Google

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Following articles on major Technology websites[1] about the Find my phone feature from Google, I decided to give it a try. The articles mentioned that typing “Find my phone” in Google Search shows the location of your phone. Mine did not show anything interesting, as I disabled all location services on my phone. Well, they say that everything you want, you simply Google it. So, if your phone is lost, just.. Google.. it! lol 

This article will be quite a short one and different from previous ones.

To use the feature, you need to type Find my phone in the Google Search bar; the location of phone registered with the same Google Email Address as the one you are using Google or Google Chrome with, will be shown on a map with the possibility of triggering it to ring or wipe the device.

Some users were astonished when they read/heard about that feature. But a little explanation about same can be useful.
First, your Android phone uses you Google Account for numerous purposes ranging from Google Play store, to sync and backups. Months ago, on Social Media platforms, the fact that we can see the places we went with our phone from our Google Dashboard, ended up in a buzz. Truth is, your mobile sends location data to Google.

Your phone uses GPS to track its location, which is, in simple terms, the use of 3+ satellites to triangulate your position.

So, to counter this; first disable Location options on your mobile to switch off the GPS beacon of your mobile phone (Pull-down the notification bar, and turn of Location.). Then, from Settings >> Location and Security, disable “Use Wireless Networks“. The latter is because, as some of you may be aware, your phone uses wireless networks, GSM and Wifi to locate you more accurately and counter resolution problems in GPS location systems. That is why that option must be switched off too. Furthermore, upon first use of Google Maps on an Android phone, the user is asked whether he/she would like data to be sent to Google; should you trust Google, go ahead and accept same.

A friend mentioned that installing a security app like Lookout when buying a new smartphone can help too. Thanks Nadim.

Please be aware that even though Location is disabled on your mobile phone, Legal Authorities can track you down with the help of your Service Provider who will triangulate your position relative to relay stations.

Hope this helps.

How far are companies intrusive in our private lives? The question stays whole and debatable.


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  • alCosecant Maths

    Another great … officialisation!

    • Officialisation of what?

      • alCosecant Maths

        They could always find your phone. They just granted the access to the public. Long technological advance on common man, most probably!

        • No, it is not public access.
          “.. need to type Find my phone in the Google Search bar; the location of phone registered with the same Google Email Address as the one you are using Google or Google Chromewith, will be ..”