“My email keeps on sending” – Microsoft Hotmail – Fix

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Hotmail users this week has been complaining about the Send Email feature of the webmail service. The users are not able to get back to their inbox as is was the case before when sending emails; instead the “bubbles keeps on rotating” though the email do go to the recipient.
The issue was raised on Microsoft Community Forum and some fixes were recommended. Microsoft also posted it as an issue in its announcement notifications box and said that the issue was solved as by the 14th of June 2013.

Since, the issue should have been solved, but some users still face the problem. The ‘Sending…’ icon stays and the user is not redirected to his/her Inbox.

sending email from outlook

The fix to that is to clear your browser’s cookies and cache data as ‘they may a corrupted file in the browser’. Here’s how to do it for Google’s Chrome Browser and Mozilla’s Firefox Browser.

Google Chrome

  1. Click on the Options icon on the far right end of the address bar.
  2. Navigate to Tools then Clear browsing data…
    You can also use shortcut keystrokes – Ctrl + Shift + Del


  • Then select the required data that need to be cleared – cookies and cache; select the time frame – beginning of time; and click on Clear browsing data.google_2
    And there you go !! 🙂



Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the Firefox menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Go to History then, Clear Recent History…firefox_1
  3. Next, select Cookies and Cache.. and click on Clear Now. Do not forget to set the time frame.firefox_2And voila !! You are done


Till then,


IRshaad 🙂