Creating Office documents online

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My friends often complain that they do not have Microsoft Office installed on their computer and badly need to type a document. This usually happen after an OS reinstall. There exist options like Wordpad but most users are familiar and more at ease with the Microsoft Office application suite. Also, it may be that somebody is not at home but at some friend’s/relative’s house and need to create a Powerpoint Presentation but that friend uses OpenOffice or any other office application or worse they use iOS :S !! So, by hook or by crook, you need that ribbon interface and circle ‘File’ button. Well, good news; there exist an online version of Microsoft Office. Here’s a quick guide about how to use it;

To use the online Microsoft Office suite, you need to have a Microsoft Account.
For this tutorial, we’ll be using a Microsoft Account having the metro-style Outlook interface

  1. Login your Microsoft Account
  2. Click on the arrow next to Outlook to toggle the top-panel and click on Skydrive

    Top-panel menu

    Top-panel menu

  3. Once the page loaded, click on Create and choose the type of document you want to create – Word, Excel, Powerpoint among others.

    Drop-down menu

    Drop-down menu

  4. Word Document
    Clicking on Word document brings a window with a field to type-in the filename of the document you are creating. (here; online_word_document.docx ) Click on the Create button.

    Window to enter filename of new document

    Window to enter filename of new document

  5. You will be met by a similar interface to that of the desktop one that allows you to do almost everything as the latter.

    Online Microsoft Word - Word Web App

    Online Microsoft Word – Word Web App

  6. Saving the document will use your account’s Skydrive. You can later download it on your PC to be edited on Microsoft Office Word 2007 or later.
  7. Powerpoint PresentationClick on Powerpoint Presentation, set the name of the file; a window will open for you to choose the theme/template for your presentation
    Choosing theme for Presentation

    Choosing theme for Presentation

    After choosing, click on Apply 

  8. ppt2The web app features SlideShow too 🙂
  9. Excel/Spreadsheet Documentxlx

So, no need to worry when the iOS loads on your friend’s Mac and you badly need to type that urgent letter. Do it on the cloud using the Office Web Apps.
Multiple-user editing is possible 😉

Voila 🙂
Office Apps in the clouds ; anywhere, anytime, any platform, only a web browser needed

Till then ,