Have an Open Mind; Be OpenSource

This sentence has been through my mind for some two months. Being an advocate for free education to all [my motto: for a free and sound knowledge world] , I put that together in my mind when LUGM (Linux User Group of Mauritius) was organising the LinuxFest event (and more during the online meeting prior to the Corsair Hackers Reboot); my mind sparkled about the opensource stuffs laying around all of us and helping us ‘freely’. It also stuck thanks to my favorite-toy-forever; the Arduino [ prototyping board for electronics and hardware programming enthusiats ].

After finding the correct wordings for that statement; (hope the grammar or whatever rules of English Language find it valid;  if not .. 😛 ) , I decided to use that anytime I complete something related to the OpenSource world, be it an article or talk on Arduino, Linux, OpenSource hardwares and the like.

Having nothing sooo interesting to do, I ‘designed’ a Facebook Cover Image for that. Was sleepy at that time, couln’t get more ideas regarding the Icons and the composition ideas; but my sleepy mind and eyes find it ‘ya its quite ok; don’t tweek more, you’ll mess it more!’ and it ended like this;

Designed while asleep :P

Designed while asleep 😛

Well, I think that’s all for tonite;

Disclaimer: If ever you think i was drunk while writing that.. it’s not the case, was simply sleepy 😛

Till then,

Have an OpenMind, Be OpenSource


Hi there !
Welcome to my blog. This is my first post (after the test post). Took quite long to get the account back, as I forgot the email address associated to it. Will be using this blog until I activate my official website .

What kind of posts will there be?
Well, anything ranging from tutorials, to Tips&Tricks to reviews, guides and howtos.

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