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Youppi!! I got my android tablet after waiting for almost three months. Its a Penta Internet Tablet IC103C running Android 4.01. The first I installed was Avast Mobile Security from Play Store. Then I browsed the store for other applications and found loads of very interesting apps but also an amazing number of applications that I call Fake Apps or Fooling Apps.
First of all, anyone using a device should know about its specifications, whether it has a bluetooth adapter, GPS chip, accelerometer or light sensor. Why? We’ll so that you do not end up downloading Bluetooth File Manager when your device does not have  a bluetooth adapter or MyLocation that gives GPS coordinates to the user without having a GPS chip on your device’s board. So, be sure to download applications developped for the type of device you possess .

Now, there are softwares like Xray Scanner, Speed Trap Detector, Lie Detector and the like. Man, use your common sense and logic, How on earth can your device, a simple mobile phone running Android, be an Xray Scanner????? Or without any RF scanner, how do you think it will scan the surroundings to detect the presence of speed cameras???

The bottom line is that the store has a huge amount of apps available for free, do not be fooled by the name of the app nor its icon, rather, read the reviews and judge the app according to the ratings.

To conclude I would like to share my list of apps;

Avast Mobile Security as malware scanner and antivirus.
Google Chrome, Opera for web browsing.
Wifi Analyser to scan and analyse wifi networks in the neighbourhood.
Dog and cat fight, Fruit Ninja for entertainment. – Angry Birds was already installed :p
WordPress to manage my blog
Skydrive for file transfer.
Dropbox too for file transfer.

Till then,

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  • Hosany A.

    well first of all congratz on tht entry on tablet apps..will make sure to apply those advices wen i get my tablet for myself ..thank u 😀

  • JR

    How can people think that their mobile or whatever be a Lie detector or an X-ray scanner??… Damn it, humans are so stupid! Congrats for the tablet and thanks for the advices, stupid people really need minds like you! 😛

    • Well said JR;
      do you know, that some people even thought tht their screens are real fingerprint scanners too???? :S
      I really want to meet the developers of those apps !!