About Me – CV


  • Project Manager
    January 2014 – June 2014
    TurkishForAll Software
    Android Application
    TurkishForAll is a project started by 4 students of the University of Sakarya, Turkey, namely; Irshaad ABDOOL, Arnaud NDAYISENGA, Sarah HALOUI and Faguimba KANOUTE.
    They are from Mauritius, Burundi, Morocco and Mali respectively. At the time of writing the software, the students were studying at the TÖMER; a facility whereby the Turkish language is taught to foreigners.
    The aim of the software is to ease the learning curves of newcomers who obviously know anything about the language and as a guide for the students during the course of learning that new language. The software is also expected to ease the teaching of the language as a supplement to the textbooks already in use in the Turkish Learning Centers.
    The software is available in 3 languages namely; English, French and Arabic. The team welcomes contributions from other foreign language speakers to be able to help more and more students from around the world to learn the language.

As the Project Manager of the team, I was responsible of choosing the framework, develop the core of the app for the team to build up on that and add contents, design and implement advertising strategies and responsible of the Web part of the project.

  • Member of IT Team
    Doha Academy Mauritius (November 2012 – July 2013)
    IT Officer

Trainee and member of the IT Team of the Doha Academy of Mauritius; an educational institution offering pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education.

  1. Assessment of current computer infrastructure
    Was responsible to assess and submit a full report of the computer infrastructure. Adviced, suggested and implemented solutions to improve the infrastructure (PC systems, Network systems, security systems). Was also included in the task, set-up and administration of the Office 365 email system of the school.
  1. ERP Fedena
    Participated in the implementation on an ERP School Management System at the institution to centralise administration and education systems already in place. Fedena is a web portal developed using Ruby on Rails running on a Linux box. Worked on the human and technical aspects including and not limited to Linux Server Management, development of user guides and user-support.
  1. Support system
    Provided support on the Online Support portal related to the ERP System, the Email System and technical support for the computer infrastructure. I was the admin of the Online Support System.
  1. Other experiences related to this position:
    • Office 365
    • Microsoft Windows Server


  • Web design and Development
    • All4uladies: all4uladies.com (Co-Founder and Technical Manager)
    • Patisserie Nizam Moolkeea & Co. LTD
    • Personal Blog: http://blog.irshaad.me
    • Muslim-Mauritius (RubyOnRails Application) – Under Construction
    • Greenleaf (Students’ Resources Download Website) – Decommisioned
  • Video Making/Editing/Production
    • Live Video Editing – on-the-fly (Multi Camera Setup, Graphics)
    • Live Video Streaming to WWW
    • Event Management and Directing (From idea to final DVD in box)
  • Networking (Hardware and Software Setup) + Securing and pentesting the network
  • Windows Server 2012 Deployment
    • Active Directory
    • DNS Server
    • Computer and User Management
  • Electronics (including Hardware programming)
    • Designed an automatic Bell Ringer for a school whereby the ring times can be scheduled – Commissioned
    • Designing and working on a Car on-board computer system from ground-up – Current
  • Web Technologies
    • Ruby on Rails application Development
    • CMS Packages (Joomla, WordPress)
    • PHP/MySQL/HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap
    • Web Hosting (CPanel, GoDaddy Propriety Software, Domain Names & SEO)
  • Marketing Strategies (Including E-Marketing)
  • Search-Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Optimization


  • Computer Literate
    • Python Programming
    • Quick typing speed
    • Software & Hardware Troubleshooting
    • Advanced Security
    • Familiar with Windows Environment
    • At-ease with Linux Environment – Server management
  • Softwares at ease with:
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Joomla!
    • WordPress
    • Pinnacle Video Editing Suite
    • VMix
    • Vidblaster
    • Xplit Broadcaster
    • Livestream Studio
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Adobe Audition
      among others..
  • Hobbies:
    • Reading
    • Blogging
    • Socialising
    • Electronics
    • Web design
  • Languages:
    • English (Full working proficiency)
    • French (Full working proficiency)
    • Mauritian Creole (Full working proficiency)
    • Turkish (Advanced working proficiency)
    • Urdu (Basic working proficiency)
    • Arabic (Basic working proficiency)


  • Sakarya Üniversitesi, Turkey: (Sept 2013 – Sept 2017 [Expected])
    Winner of Turkish Scholarship by Turkish Government (YTB) – 2013 Batch
    Bilişim Sistemleri Mühendislik (Lisans)
    Information Systems Engineering (Degree)
    1 year Turkish Language Preparatory included  
  • University of Mauritius: (Aug 2013 – Sept 2013)
    BSc (Hons) Information Systems
  • Secondary Education: (2006 – 2012) Doha Academy, Eau Coulée
    sat for A’ Level Examinations in Oct/Nov 2012


  • Cambridge A’ Level – November 2012
  • Cambridge O’ Level – November 2010 – 11 Units
  • Participation Certificate – InnovEd – NPCC
  • Certificates of Attendance (Shah Noorani Institute of Technology)
    • 2006- Basic Computer Repairs (Hardware and Software)
    • 2006- Introduction to Programming using Visual Basic 6.0
    • 2006- Webpage Design using HTML
    • 2007- Basic Networking
      • Concept of Network
      • Internet
      • IP Addressing
      • Troubleshoot Network
    • 2007- Advanced Webpage Design (CSS, Javascript)
    • 2008- Internet Security (Malware, RAT, etc..)